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Red Hat Ansible Automation

An automation system integrated with your organization’s infrastructure

Red hat Ansible can quite easily be used to provision and deploy infrastructure, while simultaneously documenting the methods used. Combining it with tools like Aide and RPM can make verifying the infrastructure’s configuration a breeze. Even in an immutable infrastructure, vagrant boxes can be deployed and provisioned with Ansible.

Simple, reliable and consistent.

It includes Agentless Remote Systems, no need for any agent to install on remote system. Can be reliable for any of the native protocols like SSH for Unix, WinRM for windows… we cover almost all parts of automation, be it infrastructure as code, application deployments or security automation.

Enterprise-grade global support

Stable, Reliable and fast, these are the powerful capabilities of an enterprise-wide automation system, and now Red Hat is offering support for the open source Ansible automation which offers a more secure, stable and reliable approach.

A developer friendly platform, packed with over 2,800 modules provides the easiest configuration and a time saving experience.

Going beyond the open-source code, RedHat provides you with the full system as an “Open Source”, from documentations, codes, web contents and others...

For having the best Cloud related setup and development, Ansible Red Hat allows you to do Multi-Cloud DevOps Operations.

Configuring installation with Cloud Native Infrastructure Management and the usage of native protocols, depending upon device types.

Red Hat Ansible automation works with the rest of the red hat products, it all starts with the red hat enterprise Linux, it also works with other platforms such as Google cloud, Microsoft, windows, DELL EMC  and Cisco.

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Boost operational efficiency by reducing the delay in responding to development changes

Increase security by minimizing the chance for human error

Improve costs savings by reducing the total cost of ownership

Speed up time to market by automating app deployment to production