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Elevate Your Data Management with Dell technologies PowerStore 3.6

Active/Active Arcitecture

NVMe Platform

Unified Offering

Data Reduction
Data Protection
Modern, Simple

Dell PowerStore

Intelligent all-flash storage for the enterprise

Any workload

The all-in-one solution for diverse workloads and seamless integration.

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Built for performance

Unlock scalable performance with PowerStore’s NVMe technology, offering high IOPS and low latency for enduring value in distributed IT.

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Scale up and scale out

Easily scale your PowerStore configuration for robust performance and up to 18 PBe NVMe capacity by clustering multiple appliances.

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Enterprise availability

PowerStore guarantees data protection with advanced resiliency features, native replication, and easy remote backup management.

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PowerStore offers robust cybersecurity capabilities for advanced data protection and rapid threat response.

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Anytime Upgrade

Anytime Upgrade offers unmatched flexibility with non-disruptive Next Gen and scale-out upgrades, allowing you to modernize your infrastructure effortlessly, without lock-in terms.

Dell Technologies PowerStore Unleashes New Cyber Resiliency, Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Dell Technologies’ latest PowerStore storage solution upgrades offer significant partner opportunities. The new release simplifies revenue generation through value-added services, aiding customers in digital transformation and boosting operational efficiency. This update enhances cyber resiliency, with PowerStore’s Metro Witness ensuring zero data loss during site outages or disasters. It acts as a mirror for customer data, eliminating the “split brain” risk during recovery, maintaining zero RTO/RPO, and enhancing data security.

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Intelligent Data

Efficient Data

PowerStore Efficiency & Data-In-Place Upgrades

– Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Latest PowerStore upgrade supports NVMe/TCP for vVols, delivering 50% more performance than iSCSI, and enables efficient storage management at the virtual machine level.

– Seamless Upgrades: PowerStore allows controller upgrades without disrupting operations, saving time and enhancing performance for growing workloads.

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