Cisco Meraki MX Security
& SD-WAN Appliances

Streamline your network security with Cisco Meraki MX. These cloud-managed, all-in-one solutions are perfect for large organizations, datacenter VPNs, and small offices.

  • Core Advantages​
Cloud Management
Cost-Effective SD-WAN
Comprehensive Security
Intuitive VPN Setup
  • Why Meraki Security Appliances (MX)?​
All MX devices, which also include SD-WAN technology, reduce high costs on an MPLS network while optimizing bandwidth use.
They include Cisco IDS/IPS, content filtering, Cisco AMP, and IPsec VPN connectivity, and remove the hassle of dealing with multiple solutions and reduce complexity
Installation and remote management is intuitive via Meraki’s 100% cloud-managed dashboard, allowing businesses to save time and money
MX appliances are self-provisioning and automatically pull
  • Powerful Features at a Glance
Discover the strength of Meraki MX through these six key features that redefine network security and management


SD-WAN enhances network efficiency through low-cost, VPN-secured internet links, optimizing performance for critical applications like VoIP.


Streamlined VPN setup in three clicks, with a dashboard providing real-time insights into VPN site performance for administrators.


The Cisco MX offers top-notch intrusion prevention in just two clicks on the dashboard, ensuring real-time security reports for effective network protection.

Content Filtering

Meraki Content Filtering safeguards the network by blocking inappropriate content, ensuring productivity, and compliance with business and regulatory standards.

AMP (Advanced Malware Protection)

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection integrated into MX devices ensures continuous file inspection, classifying incoming files as clean, malicious, or unknown for robust network security.

Dynamic Configuration

Enjoy the flexibility of configuring and optimizing your network parameters to meet evolving business needs.
  • Maximize Your Network Potential with Meraki MX Products​
  • Maximize Your Network Potential with Meraki MX Products
  • Multiple centralized offices for potential Auto VPN customers.
  • Manual coding or complex VPN rule setup.
  • Onsite configuration.
  • Various VPN needs (site-to-site, remote access, etc.).
  • Desire for traffic shaping, content filtering, and premium firewall features.
  • Multiple service subscriptions (antimalware, content filtering, etc.).
    • Third-party site-to-site VPN.
    • HA/Warm spare needs.
    • Use of 3/4G + Internet (multiple broadband connections).
    • Interest in SD-WAN for MPLS cost savings.
    • Constantly updating security rule sets.
    • Lack of visibility and concern about security threats/hacks.

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